Product Description

Its two stools provide a unique seating option.

Carefully crafted from sustainably harvested wood, this wooden rustic bookshelf boasts a classic look and design. 

Delicate and eye-catching, the Wooden Rustic Bookshelf With 2 Stools is a charming addition to any space.

The shelf includes plenty of space for displaying treasured pieces that are both decorative and functional for your home.

Great for small spaces like apartments or loft spaces, this shelf will look great wherever you put it.

What to expect

  • Wooden Rustic Bookshelf With 2 Stools

Safety Disclaimer

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  • Ensure meetings with sellers/shop owners are done in public, safe places.
  • Check and scrutinise the products keenly and carefully before buying.
  • Ensure you are 100% satisfied with a product and any documents presented to you by a seller before buying.

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