Tricycle Bike Three Gun Kids Bicycle Size 16 Blue For Age 4-8 Yrs
Tricycle Bike Three Gun Kids Bicycle Size 16 Blue For Age 4-8 Yrs

Tricycle Bike Three Gun Kids Bicycle Size 16 Blue For Age 4-8 Yrs

Glolink Enterprise


Ksh. 9,999

Product Description

It features a rubber sport tire with a 2.125 Wanda king brand A/V inner tube.

The seat has high grade thickened and high elastic foam cushion for extra comfort, along with a caliper brake in the front and band brake at the back to stop them quickly.

The bike frame has 1.0 thickness steel structure, high strength carbon fiber material for handlebars, stem and other parts, which can withstand the pressure of child's body weight even over 10 times. 

The rubber sport grip in the handle bar with plastic cover has a very good feeling when you hold it in your hands. 

 This bicycle is equipped with high quality gears (24 x 15), which makes it easy to shift gears, especially when children learn how to ride a bicycle or want to play independently. 

 This bicycle has a sport rubber grip, nylon break level with refined alloy color bell and a quick release alloy making the saddle assemble and adjust convenient and efficient.

The wide training wheel leg 3 mm good quality rubber surface training wheel makes it more comfortable for kids to play, ride, exercise and compete in all kinds of competitions.

The smile face basket bag with very big space can be put many things that you like ,it's amazing.

Let your child own this wonderful bicycle!

What to expect

  • Durable and affordable bikes

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