O.P.I Half Moon Acrylic Nail Files - 10 Pack
O.P.I Half Moon Acrylic Nail Files - 10 Pack

O.P.I Half Moon Acrylic Nail Files - 10 Pack

Beauty Tools Kenya


Ksh. 450

Product Description

These are professional-grade acrylic nail files that can be used to file acrylic, poly gel, and plastic nail extensions.

The half-moon shape makes it easy to make curved movements when filing nails into stiletto shape, pointy shape, square shape, or coffin shapes.

Perfectly sculptured acrylic nails are created using this tool.

180 grit is often used to contour the entire nail before product application before applying product to enhance adhesiveness.

100 grit is used to file acrylic nails and other nail extensions products like poly gel, plastic tips, or hard gel products.

You can also use the 100 grit side to file the sidewalls and free edge of the nail.

This nail file is the perfect hand file for your nail art.

10 pieces are provided for this listing.

What to expect

  • 10 pack of acrylic nail file 100/180 grit

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