Natural Raw Wild Honey
Natural Raw Wild Honey

Natural Raw Wild Honey

Blench Nutrition


Ksh. 800

Product Description

Made of filtered pure honey and is a natural humectant.

Our 100% Natural Raw Wild Honey is the purest form of pure honey you can find. 

Our Raw Wild Honey has a strong sweet flavor and a rich dark color which makes it perfect in hot tea, crepes, cookies and that warm piece of toast!

Its darker color and thicker texture are due to the organic pollen collected in the flower blooms.

This thick honey has a complex flavor profile with aromas of orange blossoms and marshmallow.

What to expect

  • it is more thicker, darker and more superior taste 

Safety Disclaimer

  • Avoid making deposit payments prior to seeing the products.
  • Ensure meetings with sellers/shop owners are done in public, safe places.
  • Check and scrutinise the products keenly and carefully before buying.
  • Ensure you are 100% satisfied with a product and any documents presented to you by a seller before buying.

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