Marinated (Ready-to-Cook) Meats For Barbeque
Marinated (Ready-to-Cook) Meats For Barbeque

Marinated (Ready-to-Cook) Meats For Barbeque

Naheedas Catering


Ksh. 1,200

Product Description

A wide range of ready-to-grill meats, made to your ideal tastes.

 Marinating the meat infuses it with flavor and a tangy taste that goes wonderfully with barbeque sauce.

They’re convenient, easy to store in your freezer and easy to serve.

Quick and easy, these meals are ready in minutes – just add a side dish, salad or vegetables and enjoy.

Our selections include a variety of flavours and cuts, so your guests will be coming back for more.

Available any time, ready to grill.

Lamb Chops 1kg @Ksh.1200

TBone Steak 1kg @Ksh.1200

Camel Steak 1kg @Ksh.1400

What to expect

  • Marinated (Ready-to-Cook) Meats For Barbeque

Safety Disclaimer

  • Avoid making deposit payments prior to seeing the products.
  • Ensure meetings with sellers/shop owners are done in public, safe places.
  • Check and scrutinise the products keenly and carefully before buying.
  • Ensure you are 100% satisfied with a product and any documents presented to you by a seller before buying.

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