Dual Bag Organizer Travel Pouch Bag
Dual Bag Organizer Travel Pouch Bag

Dual Bag Organizer Travel Pouch Bag



Ksh. 649

Product Description

Handbag insert organizers with 14 compartments and zippers.

Neatly organizes your handbags.

It will organize your things so you do not have to dig or look for an item every time you need them.

It also makes carrying things easier and more convenient as it can fit in any bag, suitcase or another travel accessory. 

It also has a front pocket that holds all your essentials such as cash and credit cards, making it easy to get them out with one hand.

The dual bag in bag organizer design also allows it to be used as a day pack or even a diaper bag with the addition of a few accessories.

The zippered outside pocket provides a great place to keep small items at your fingertips, while the inner pockets and center zip compartment organize everything else.

What to expect

  • Dual Bag Organizer Travel Pouch Bag

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