How to buy on airduka

On Airduka you can find any product or service you are looking for. From freelance service providers to healthcare specialists, education products and services and lots more! The airduka marketplace provides a wide range of products and services.

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Looking for a product or service

On airduka is easy

  • Simply use the search box on the home page under
    " connecting buyers and sellers "
  • Type the name of the product/service you are looking for, and click on


What are you waiting for? It's that easy!

Get multiple quotations

sent within 24 hrs

We get it, sometimes looking for something can be time consuming and honestly, it is extra work. With AirDuka, you can reach many sellers who have the product/ service you are looking for and have quotations sent to you directly!

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Find Customers
in your city

Receive enquiries directly to your WhatsApp